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To be determined. (Looking for feedback and for the directors of ATR to add to this thread. It will be closed after a period of time and finalized.


Any person joining the All That Remàins gaming community will be vetted. We expect all players, regardless of game, to respect our members and leadership.




We DO NOT allow racist or homophobic slurs. We DO NOT allow intolerant language in regards to ones gender, race, country, sexual preference or background.


It''s understood that we''re a gaming community of adults. Adult language, swearing is acceptable if not expected. However the intolerant language mentioned above can give a group a bad image. If you are found using such language in TeamSpeak or in-game you will be warned and removed if necessary.


Examples of this language which will not tolerated in any variation are:

fag, faggot, chink, gook, nig, nigger, spick, retard, cunt, kike, etc.




Each member of All That Remàins is a representative of the entire group. We expect all members to treat all players with respect, knowing that other players observing the conversation or interaction are also potential members. We always want to maintain a positive image so that in-turn those are the types of players that we''re attracting to the group.


A certain level of trash talk is not unexpected in gaming. Just try and keep it in check. It''s up to the leaders of each game to keep players in check. If interactions are going beyond "Just in good fun" player needs to be warned and if the problem persists, removed from the group.




If you''re having a problem with another member please bring that problem to an Admin or Officer. If the problem is with an Admin or Officer then please reach out to one of the directors of ATR and we''ll do our best to help resolve the issue.

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If all else fails follow Wil Wheaton's rules for the Internet.


1. Don't be a dick.



That's it.

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Good work.  I totally agree.

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  1. Don't cheat
  2. Don't be a douche canoe
  3. Join us in Teamspeak
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