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Heroic Blackhand


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Hello team, it's your favorite Frenchman! Yes, I'm still alive! So I've been looking at Priestchick's stream while you were doing Blackhand progression, and there's a couple places that could use improvement, so here are some Mort advices:


First of all here's a couple advices not related to the fight:

-You should kill him in Normal once just to see the whole fight before you attempt heroic, it'll make it much easier once you know what to expect. Not mandatory, but definitely a plus. By now, anyone doing their homeworks should be able to straight open Blackhand Normal, allowing you to skip the other bosses.


-As a monk tank, Snugg can put his transcendance behind the gate and reset the boss should P1 go wrong. With more than 1 or 2 deaths in P1, there's almost no point in continuing the attempt, as P2 and P3 are pretty tightly tuneed. That'll save both time and repair bill for more progression.


-Oh btw, best part of the video is definitely at 3h 14 minutes ish. And the correct answer is a month. I've been gone for a month.


Phase 1


Marked for death: Marked for death should always be brought to the same debris pile by both targets, so that you still have a debris pile up when going into second demo. The timing of the second demo and the third marked for death makes it difficult to reach one in time unless it falls right beside you, so having one up going into it helps a lot.


Way too many people are getting the debuff, idk if it's from standing between the debris pile or failing to run to one.


Demolition: If you reach the third one, even the beginning of it, you might need to sit a couple people. A 3rd one puts way to much stress on your healers.


Demolition is no time to cast. It means get the fuck away from orange swirly. Fox could (should) be used during demos. I can see many people simply getting out of the orange part, but that's not enough. Damage decreases the further you are from the swirl.


Bombs: Obviously none should go off, but I know tanks were working on that. Do NOT move the boss during demolition (remember hearing that suggestion), unless bombs drop.

Bombs should not ever be in the inner ring. Ranged should not ever be outside of the inner ring. This makes no bombed ranged!


This sums up P1, you guys pretty much handle it well as it is, just room for a bit of improvement.


Okay looking at a couple more attempts, maybe you need to work on it a bit more. But that's all I have to say, anything else is obvious and probably has been explained by Snugg and Jim.



Phase 2


I don't know how many times you guys got to phase 2, or at which times in the stream, and I had a hard time finding more than a couple attempts so I'll go from what I remember hearing and seeing.


Boss position: In my group we do not tank the boss in the middle at all time, it's too dangerous to hit melees with bombs while running the demo over them. Therefore boss is kited to the corner opposite to where the next demo will spawn, as bombs are dropping.


Demolishers: Obviously assign someone to kite them, should technically be a hunter. They should be hit with 2 sets of Marked for Death, and then killed if the second set doesn't finish them.


In my guild we kill 3 demos then ignore the 4th (except to drop Marked for Death) to push the boss, but you guys might need to dps down the 4th one too.


If you get fire you screwed up.


Marked for death: Following the above point, you will be left with one set of Marked for death between demolishers. Typically these are soaked by a designated person who is reliable enough to not fuck up. Our order is me (BoPed by Justicemaker), our paly healer (BoPed by himself) and one of our mages (who will use ice block). Those cooldowns will prevent the initial damage and the knockback, but you will still get the DoT.


I heard you weren't using BoPs and that they were soaked by Snugg or whoever was available, which is a major issue. You don't want your tank to have 2 stacks of the debuff, while tanking the boss.


Rafters: Protip: You can use slowfall mechanics, demon leap and disengage to reach the rafters during the fall from P1 and clear the first wave of adds to reduce raid damage.


We also tend to send a healer up when possible, to make sure melees can finish all the adds before jumping back down. However that isn't mandatory.


Bombs: Are bad. Don't listen to Mastric, no matter what use of bombs he suggests.



That's all I can think of that might not be obvious for P2, but since you guys didn't get there often, at least in you last couple attempts, I'm not sure exactly how you're planning to do it. I'll try to look again this week.




Phase 3:


At 30% health, floor shatters and you get into phase 3. Make sure you have a healing CD to pop right before that, so that people aren't killed by the transition damage. A second healing CD will be needed upon landing, unless everyone uses their healthstones or tonics (HA, who am I kidding?).


At this point it's really simple and just a matter of "Do we have the numbers?".


Bring the boss to the edge of the platform and face him towards middle.


Players affected by bombs run to the right and drop them.


Players affected by Marked for death run left. Careful: Marked for death pierces in that phase, so you don't want both targets to stack.


Everyone stacks together for smash to reduce the damage.


After smash, go counter-clockwise (bombs will be at your right anyway) and restack at the edge of the platform.


Rince and repeat until a dragon is slain.



Good luck team! I'll follow your progress with close attention, and wish you the best of luck in slaying this dragon!


P-S: According to my calculations, you should start seeing P3 this week and get a kill somewhere next week. Don't give up, this is usually a 100+ attempts boss.


P-P-S: @ Muln: Healing meters don't really matter on that fight, as long as people stay alive. Meters will be determined by who gets to use their tide when people fail the most at avoiding demo damage.

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