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Iron Maidens


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Hey just doing the normal maidens there are just a few problems i had that i think will make the fight easier.

--------First are things that only apply to the main platform------


1). Stand still with the blood ritual, the tank can easily rotate around the boss and stand in the line. But why do this? Because when Marak does the cone although it doesn't do much damage it marks all of the people hit which is important for the next part, crystallized blood which hits the closest marked target to Marak(on heroic) for 321,870


2). Stand still for the penetrating shot, i know we were calling for this but just keep doing it,


3). run out and around the outside with Rapid Fire.


4). We don't want to push the bosses to the 20% burn phase while we are on the boat. once we get to 25% if the boat is not almost finished then slow all dps on any target that low so we don't phase it with 6 people on the ship. We will get the 3rd ship on heroic so we just need to watch the percentages. this is bad because when one gets dropped to 20% they all enrage giving a stacking damage buff, and we will need to stop the ship so we aren't destroyed by bombs and the bosses don't get insane stacks. 

---So in short one one should hit 22% until the 3rd ship is finished then we can drop one the final 2% to trigger the burn.


---For Boat----

1).For the big guy with the bloods we will quickly run out of room with how we are kiting him. We should start that phase kiting to the left towards the front of the ship and then slowly turn and back towards the bombs in the rear of this ship to make sure we end up there and don't run out of room because the pools of blood tick for a ton on heroic(189,807 per tick) 


2). For the guy with the little eviscerators that fixate just stack up on the tank and burn the big guy and cleave the little adds they die really fast and shouldn't be an issue to heal through if we are all stacked.


3). For the last combination there are 2 mobs one with a shield and one without. burn the one without the shield and interrupt earthen barrier. This phase also doesn't require a tank because the gunner just shoots people, we can have another good dps take the tanks place and make it go faster.



The order we have been killing them is fine, i just felt that the mechanics above were sloppy, 

and that's just my take on this.

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I don't feel like quoting,

1) The person marked goes to a marked location so only two people get affected. (mark should be right behind the tanks)

This makes it so only the tank gets effected by crystalized blood, and no other player gets hit with the spray


3) yeah, but sometimes it just gets plopped right into melee, they should still bring it outside, but melee/range still need to watch for it. (It's tons of damage/wipe worthy)


During burn phase you wanna kill the blooded,admiral, then the other. The turrets nuked by range... The turrets really aren't a big deal, the bosses just need to be tanked away from them to dodge the "bullets"


Also, you should be able to lust twice during this fight (around a 13 min fight) So lust should be during start and burn phases

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