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Oregorger P2


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I saw Pika post that addon for Oregorger that I hate so I thought I'd post a strat I came up with for P2 that makes it worthless and should make P2 really easy since raid will stay together mostly. Haven't had a chance to try it but very similar strats out there. I made nice picture for you.


The key to this is to start the fight on the far right hallway (Where 9 and 10 are), that way he always starts P2 at position #1 and will go either up or down. Ranged start on the bottom corner of the rock formation. Make sure you are right up against the wall. When Retched Blackrock goes out, go all the way right to the other wall. There will be enough room to not be in the puddle. Then go up, zig zag, repeat. Tank taking Acid Torrent be on the top corner with other tank on the side not in front of boss.




1. Ranged and melee split damage. The goal is to have these two down before he even starts to roll.

Go in order after that and he should follow the pattern we want. The only issue we may run into is killing crate #3 too fast if he rolls up to start...otherwise he should follow the two sets of paths we want. (New Note: if we kill #3 too fast its fine. Keep going and make sure to kill Crate #10 and he will still have 100% energy) . Also make sure not to kill 7 and 8 too fast but I can explain why that is in raid (basically want him to roll up to 5 first).

Once all crates are down (10 can be ignored if needed since it is technically crate 11 and is redundant protection) stand under where crate #3 was and let boss finish path. He will not run through us since his path is based on where ore is. once he rolls back up to crate #1 and finishes P2, move back over to the far right hallway and repeat.


Similar Strat: 


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