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Vacations stuff and many more


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So. Im going on vacations to my home country Paraguay. Since I cant take my HUGE desktop on my vacations (can take only one huge thing and dats in mah pantz lewl... my underwear... coz im fat... get it? no? sigh...)


Tomorrow 11 of february won`t attend.


Wait there is more unfortunately...


Next week I`ll be with no PC, luckly all my friends there play WoW. I think... So I will try rRrrrRRrreally hard to get to be on raid next week but there is a low chance I can`t so.... You have been warned D: D: !!!!


Then next next week I will be returning from that vacations:


Since ill be on the plane during raid time so 24th of february I won`t raid either.


Now 25th is tricky. I`ll probably have a gf on "I goddamn missed you you motherfucker don`t you DARE looking at that PC" mode. So its a maybe not for that day too.


With this post I confirm that 11th and 24th wont be able to raid. The rest I will let you know. In the future. 


They are after me...


I hope the don`t find me.... Oh god



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