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Blackrock Foundry Boss Strats


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Slag Works

Oregorger - 2 Phase fight




Blackrock Spines (Phase 1 Only)
InstantBlackrock Spines grow from Oregorger's back, allowing him to launch a Blackrock Barrage.


Blackrock Barrage (Phase 1 Only)
Unlimited range
InstantLaunches Blackrock Spines, inflicting 43706 to 48294 Physical damage to all enemies.


Acid Torrent (Phase 1 Only)
100 yd range
Sprays a cone of acid at a ranged target, inflicting 212500 Physical damage to the closest target and increases the damage Acid Torrent deals by 212500 for 20 sec. All other targets take 212500 Nature damage reduced by the closest target's total damage mitigation.


Retched Blackrock (Phase 1 Only)
Unlimited range
Regurgitates Blackrock Ore at a target, leaving a pool of acid that inflicts Nature damage every 1.5 sec.


Explosive Shard (Phase 1 Only)
25 yd range
Launches an explosive shard, inflicting 85500 to 94500 Physical damage and knocking back enemies in the area. After 3 sec, the shard explodes, dealing 190000 to 210000 Fire damage and stunning nearby enemies.


Rolling Fury (Phase 2 Only)
Unlimited range
Becomes a rolling juggernaut, inflicting 136000 to 150000 Physical damage and knocking down anyone in the way.


Earthshaking Collision (Phase 2 Only)
200 yd range
Shakes the earth, inflicting 23800 to 26300 Nature damage to all players.


Hunger Drive (Phase 2 Only)
Unlimited range
The longer Oregorger remains in Feeding Frenzy, the more furious he grows, increasing damage inflicted by Earthshaking Collision by 5% per application. Stacks 100 times.



Phase 1 (Boss starts at 100 mana and goes toward 0. At 0 he switches to phase 2)

Range (Healers and DPS) - Stack at range to help cross healing. Move as raid as Retched Blackrock is cast. Acid torrent will do significant damage to tank. If boss has blackrock spines buff, range dps must be prepared to interrupt casts of blackrock barrage

Melee DPS - Stand on sides of the boss. It is critical that you do not get in between the range and the boss. Boss will cast explosive shards on melee players. Stack loose to avoid initial hit and run away from targeted player to avoid follow up damage. When blackrock spines buff is active, be prepared to interrupt casts of blackrock barrage

Tanks - One tank will tank Oregorger facing away from the raid, while the offtank will be between the boss and range group. The offtank will be soaking the initial hit of acid torrent and it is critical that you have some form of damage mitigation up since that will determine the amount of damage going out to the rest of the raid. Tanks switch at 1 stack of acid torrent.


Phase 2 (Stays in phase 2 until getting back to 100 mana)

Everyone - Boss will start rolling around his room. Anyone hit by rolling fury will take a lot of single target damage and be stunned. As a raid we have to split up, locate and dps crates in the room  to release blackrock ore for oregorger to eat. Oregorger will gain 10 mana every time he eats ore, so we have to do this a total of 10 times to get Oregorger to transition back to phase 1. We want phase 2 to be as short as possible since we are not able to throw a lot of dps at boss during this phase.


Gruul (Single phase, single target fight. Shares common abilities from TBC bossfight)




Petrifying Slam

0.75 sec cast, 15 sec CD

Knocks players in a random direction and begins the process of petrification.

Players turn to stone over time, eventually shattered by Gruul's mighty roar, causing players to inflict 39000 to 41000 Nature damage to all allies within 8 yards.


Inferno Strike

100 Mana, 2 sec cast

Gruul slashes at his primary target, inflicting 522112 to 548888 Physical damage and increasing damage taken by subsequent Inferno Strikes by 20% per application. This burning slash will also inflict 522112 to 548888 Fire damage split evenly amongst additional enemies in front of the caster, burning them for 20000 Fire damage every 3 seconds.


Overhead Smash

4.5 sec cast

Slams the ground inflicting 243697 to 256303 Nature damage to all enemies in a line in front of the caster.


Destructive Rampage


Gruul, blinded with rage, increases his haste by 50% and repeatedly  slams the ground in fury.


Overwhelming Blows


Inflicts 182692 to 192308 Physical damage to enemies within 10 yards. Also increases damage taken from Overwhelming blows by 10% per application.


Cave In


The ceiling cracks and crumbles, caving in over players for 43898 to 46102 Physical damage every second.



Melee, Ranged, and healers - Stack in 2 groups on either side of boss. As group avoid Cave Ins and overhead smash. During destructive rampage boss will do 4 overhead smashes in a row. Run out of the group if you get hit by petrify. Whichever group is sharing inferno slice damage will take massive damage.

Tanks - Tanks have to face Gruul at 1 of the 2 stack groups during inferno strike. Heroic may have to target same group twice in a row. Taunt switch occurs at 2-3 stacks of inferno strike initially and then after overwhelming strikes falls off. Save damage mitigation for overwhelming strike. Dodge overhead smash.



Blast Furnance - 3 Phase Fight




Blast (All phases, frequency determined by heat level)

100 Energy


The Blast Furnace periodically unleashes a burst of heat upon the whole room. All players suffer 104225 to 121127 Fire damage.


Bomb (Phase 1 only)

2 sec cast, 15 sec CD

The caster attaches bombs to random enemies.  After 15 sec the bombs will detonate.


Drop Lit Bombs (Phase 1 only)

The caster drops their sack of bombs. The force of dropping to the ground causes them all to arm; they will explode shortly after being picked up. If all the bombs are taken out of the sack, the sack will dissappear. Otherwise the sack will explode after 15 sec.


Repair (Phase 1 only)

1 sec cast, 30 sec CD

The caster attempts to repair a nearby Heat Regulator for 3% of its maximum health.


Defense (Phase 1 only)


The caster provides protection for their nearby allies, preventing nearly all damage


Deafening Roar (Phase 1 only)

2 sec cast

The caster shouts with all their might inflicting 0 Physical damage to all enemies in front of them.


Rupture (Phase 1 only)

2 sec cast

The ground beneath the target's feet rips open, revealing pyroclastic flows that inflict 40000 Fire damage to all players in the vicinity every second.


Pyroclasm (Phase 1 only)

2.5 sec cast

The caster hurls a massive glob of pyrotcalstic sludge at a random target for 65140 to 75705 Fire damage


Hot Blooded (Phase 1 only)


Foreman Feldspar's very presence burns his enemies with Fire damage.


Melt Armor (Phase 1 only)


The caster lashes forward with their molten gauntlets, inflicting 39775 to 46225 Fire damage and melting the victim's armor.
Further instances of this attack received within 30 sec inflict 30% more damage.


Damage Shield (Phase 2 only)


The caster raises a shield of elemental forces, making them immune to all damage.


Fixate (Phase 2 only)


The caster selects a target to fixate on


Shields Down (Phase 2 only)


The caster's Damage Shield has fallen off, leaving them vulnerable to damage.

After 15 sec the caster will restore their Damage Shield


Volatile Fire (Phase 2 only)


Afflicts random enemies with a seed of Volatile Fire that will explode after 8 sec. When the seed explodes, it inflicts 91443 Fire damage to all enemies within 8 yards of the explosion.

Burn (Phase 2 only)

2 sec cast

The caster inflicts 39084 to 45423 Fire damage to their current target.


Cauterize Wounds (Phase 2 only)

3 sec cast

The caster seals the target's wounds with flames, cauterizing them and healing the target for 20% of their maximum health.

Players healed in this way are healed for 1/10th this value.


Cooling Down (Phase 2 and 3)


When the Heart of the Mountain exists the Blast Furnace it loses heat




The caster heats the floor under a random enemy. Players entering the affected area suffer 50000 Fire damage every second.




The Fury becomes Superheated and will blast the entire room very frequently



Phase 1

Everyone - Split group into 2. Each tank picks up one security guard and one engineer.  Feldspar will be tanked be picked up by main tank. Interrupt repair cast by engineers. Kill order is Operators > Engineers> Feldspar>Security Guards

Tanks - Move adds out of defensive zone created by guards. If too many rupture zones are on the ground or if you have too many melt armor stacks you might need to tank swap feldspar.

DPS and Healers - If targeted by bomb, run the bomb toward a regulator. Melee will have to pick up sack of bombs dropped by killing engineer and run the bombs to the regulator. Move out of rupture zones.


Phase 2

Boss emerges from furnace but has a damage shield on him given by 4 elementalists. Elementalists also have shields that will have to be destroyed by killing elementals on top of them.

Tanks - Tank guards and Firecallers away from current burn target. Interrupt cauterize wounds and lava burst as much as possible.

DPS and Healers - Tanks take a lot of damage so they will need dedicated healers. If fixated, kite elemental to our current kill target. If targeted by volatile fire, GTFO the raid.

DPS burn down elementalist once shield is exposed. Make sure to dispell or interrupt cauterize wounds and dispell reactivate earth shield on our burn target. Shadow priest will dominate mind one guard and use him to assist in burning down elemental.


Phase 3

Burn down adds left over from phase 2. Lust at start of this phase

Tanks - Taunt switch at 3 stacks of heat. Avoid melt patches

DPS - Loosely spread, avoid melt patches

Healers - Loosely spread, avoid melt patches. Blast will happen every 5 sec in this phase. Critical that you enter phase 3 with as much mana and cooldowns as possible.




Black Forge

Flamebender Ka'graz

Work in progress

Hans'gar and Franzok

Work In progress


Work In progress


Iron Assembly

Beastlord Darmac

Work In progress

Operator Thogar

Work In progress

Iron Maidens

Work In progress


Blackhands Crucible


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So far a lot of work for the tanks with pointing the boss at the raid :P

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We can tank Oregorger facing the ranged, that way melee is behind boss and a tank is garunteed to get the acid torrent stack.. If we have the OT offset a bit the tank holding oregorger will always get the acid torrent first, then a switch can happen without dealing with any melee mechanics.

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gruul > beastmaster > hanz and franz > flamebender > kromog ( > operator > oregorger )>Blast Furnace> The Iron Maidens>Blackhand


That is the general rule of thumb of easiest-hardest. Some say Beastmaster is easier than Gruul..I think I agree and that we will have him in 1 or 2 more attempts.

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Tomorrow I want to get a solid look at beast master (I think we will kill) and flamebender (also another possible kill). I know in that pug normal you guys did you were having difficulties on Kromog, but mechanically he doesnt seem that difficult.

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the issue with Kromog wasn't anything other than dps not breaking out healers, and healer's not utilizing cool downs or not getting grabbed. If we control those mechanics in our main raid.. we will definitely have it down.


There is no reason we can't get Beastmaster, Flamebender, and possibly Kromog tomorrow.  I think operator will be another example of Oregorger where we will wipe and wipe and it will eventually click..


I truly believe one more attempt on beastmaster he would have been down Wednesday. 

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It looks like the remaining kill order will be:


  1. Operator Thogar
  2. Kromog
  3. The Iron Maidens
  4. The Blast Furnace
  5. Blackhand


General Information for each role on each Boss:



Operator Thogar:


Tanks:  Taunt Swap for Enkindle, Pick up adds so we can cleave them down

Healers:  AOE heal through Men-At-Arms Damage, Tank Heal when adds are up.  Healing CD's will be popped when men-at-arms are up.

Melee DPS:  Adds are top priority.  Add priority is Firemenders -->  Men-At-Arms -->  The rest

Ranged DPS:  Adds are top priority.  Add priority is Gunnery Sergeants (Only ranged can attack them) -->  Firemenders --> Men-At-Arms --> The rest


Everyone:  Don't get hit by trains.  Don't get hit by grenades.  Move to your section when we split up.  Run away if you get fixated


More information on trains:  Dodging trains is super easy.  There are four doors on each side of the room.  If you see a door open up, it means a train is coming on that track.


Splitting up:  At 2 minutes and 6 minutes into the fight, we get add trains on the middle tracks and need to split up.  The raid leaders will split everyone up into 2 groups and we will break off then.  Whichever tank doesn't have enkindling stacks will take the boss.





Tanks:  Stack on each other at all times to split the damage of Fists of Stone.  Taunt swap for Warped Armor.  Get into melee range immediately after handling mechanics.  Make sure that you get as far away from the boss as possible when he casts slam or you may get one-shot with high stacks of warped armor.

Healers:  Heal through Slam, POP Healing CD's for Stone Breath.

Melee DPS:  Handle Grasping Earth Hands (More info below).

Ranged DPS:  Handle Grasping Earth Hands (More info below)


Everyone:  Handle Grasping Earth Hands (More info below).  Dodge Atramedes Reverbs, The Cone attack "Rippling Smash" and the stone Hands.  Basically just dodge stuff.  Be at max range when slam hits.  Pop lust on the pull.


Handling Rune of Grasping Earth:  Throughout the fight, Kromog will summon a large number of orange runes on the ground.  Every raider needs to get on their own rune.  They will then be grabbed by a hand NPC called "Grasping Earth".  When you are in the hand's grasp, you are immune to being knocked up by the ability "Thundering blows" which Kromog casts shortly after.  Healers should focus on healers and DPS should focus on breaking people out.  Their own runes should be DPS'd first to reduce damage taken then break out any slower DPS and (Especially) the healers and tanks.  DO NOT kill your grasping earth before Thundering blows is finished casting or you'll probably die.  We will assign positions to each group for where they will be going for tehse





Iron maidens is a complex fight.  I will work up a summary later.

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