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24/9 Late/Not Coming


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This doesn't happen very often, so I hope this won't be taken as me being unreliable. I'm sorry I didn't post this sooner when I could of but I didn't know what the statistics of this game would be and didn't realize zombies this game would be so.. fucking.. shitty... they need my veteran tips and support.


My college - for this week - is playing 'Human VS Zombies'.


Keep in mind.. my college only plays this game for one week once every semester.


Also keep in mind we typically only get about 60 people playing this game but this game we got almost twice that at about 110 people playing.


Furthermore.. this game only lasts 5 days... so keep in mind that usually with 60 people playing at least 20 are dead by the end of the first day. With twice as many humans we have just reached 20 dead halfway through the second day.


The zombies this run are horrible, the OZ was horrible (so much that he was outted the first mission and there is a new OZ [OZ is the 'original zombie' who is disguised as a human until outed]), there are twice as many people playing, this game only comes once a semester and it is by far the highlight of my semesters and last term we didn't have a HvZ game because the mods didn't organize it well enough so it never happened.


Every night there are missions that start at 8 PM and usually run an hour, maybe two. Needless to say, I'm skipping this mission tonight for you guys. But this game is like.... so great. There are five missions and it kills me I'm not going to tonights and I hope we down Seigecrafter so I won't feel quite as bad about tomorrow cause I know my class is crucial.


As soon as the mission is over (assuming I killed humans that didn't dispute with me that I didn't) I will run back to my dorm and hop on to help if you need me.


I have given my loyalty to you guys that I will consistently be on for raids at 7:00 PM since I joined this guild approx. half a year ago. But I have also given my loyalty to this game since one year ago when I joined my first game.


I repeat again, it only comes once a semester for one week and I have ditched a mission to raid with you guys cause I really want this goblin piece of shit dead too. However, tomorrow I really want to go to the mission since there are only five and... yeah.


My loyalty is to you guys and I'm sorry I didn't post this sooner but I didn't know how many people were playing or how bad the zombies were going to be. I will continue to show for raids on time and never miss a raid for no reason/without posting.


Hope you guys understand and hope this doesn't damage my reliability too much because this is a very obscure and singular event that I would miss a raid for and post this late about it... next to like...... I got hit by a car or something.... or I'm cast in a production at our theatre but that won't happen for the rest of this semester. Maybe next semester... but I'd tell you guys waaaaay sooner than this.


So yeah.


Good luck guys.


Hope we kill Seigecrafter tonight.


But tomorrow I'm going to do my duty helping out these noob freshman zombies and lead the horde into battle.


Will be on after as soon as I can.



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How long did that take to type up O.o


That better not be why your late!

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Hey there Roq.


Thanks for the explanation but I want to make it clear that this is not necessary.  While the officers do appreciate some measure of explanation for why a raid is missed, it's only so that we can try to identify patterns and recruit appropriately.  If a person keeps missing with BS excuses, we know to recruit to replace that person for example.  You don't need to explain with that level of detail why you're missing, but thanks!


We do expect our raiders to commit to raiding regularly the two days a week that we raid, but we have excused absences for this exact type of scenario - something happens once a year and you go to it.  That's understandable.  We all appreciate your commitment to the game but don't feel guilty for living a little.

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