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Deathbringer Saurfang's Mechanics


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This is a short research I did about Deathbringer's Saurfang's mechanics. Please read it thoroughly, I dedicated some of my time to make this.

1) Blood Power

It's Saurfang's unique energy system

He gains 1% damage dealt for every 1 Blood Power (BP) he gains

Once he reaches 100, he uses a very powerful debuff called Mark of the Fallen

2) Mark of the Fallen Champion

Once Saurfang reaches 100 BP he will apply this debuff to a random player

This consumes all of his BP going back to 0 and causing him to lose the dmg buff

Every one of his melee attacks also deal around 5k damage to the marked raid member

3) Rune of Blood

Applied only to tanks, tanks will have to do trade-taunt. 2 tanks required

Saurfang's melee attacks make him deal and extra 6k to 8k dmg per attack

He will heal for 10 times the amount leached. (60k to 80k per hit)

He will get 1 BP for every swing he does to a tank with this debuff

4) Blood Nova

Used every 20 to 30 seconds

Inflicts 9,500 to 10,500 Physical damage to a random target and all players within 12 yards.

Splash dmg gives BP to Saurfang

Afflicts RANGE only

5) Blood Beasts

Used about every 30 seconds

Should not be tanked

Their melee hits give BP to Saurfang, Bubbles are useful (ie. Disc Priest)

Melee has to stop AoE moves when Blood Beasts spawn to not get aggro

Healers should stand near the teleporter, for healing aggro therefore traps can be lay down in the middle

6) Boiling Blood

This is the major source of BP that Saurfang gets

Its a DoT, does physical dmg. Therefore can be removed with Iceblock, BoP.

Entire duration is 24 seconds, ticks every 3 seconds. Each ticks gives 1 BP

Total of 8 ticks, which is equal to 35k per person, in 25man it will be 105k raid dmg taken (3 people)

Each Tick gives 1 BP, 1 person afflicted is equal to 8 BP. In 25man is 3 person so thats 24 BP

Total Damage Taken should look this this

1) Melee

2) Mark of the Fallen

3) Boliling Blood

4) Blood Nova

5) Rune of Blood


a) Since raid damage is pure physical damage, Mages should buff the whole raid with Amplify Magic

B) Moonkins should use Hurricane right before the Blood Beasts spawns to get initial aggro, Hunters can Misdirect the adds to them. Boomkins will use Typhoon to push the beasts back and essentially reset the kite. Distracting shot can work wonders to bring Blood Beasts out of melee.

c) A Rogue can Vanish Deathbringer Saurfang's Mark of the Fallen Champion in the 1.5 seconds the boss takes to cast this ability.

d) Using a disc priest for bubbles with help a lot for Saurfang and the Blood Beasts not getting a lot of BP. If you do not have a disc priest, it could be another priest using bubbles on people with boiling blood.

e) You can Reduce the Mark of the Fallen champion damage additionally by using any kind of AoE damage reduction, Feint for Example.

f) It might be better to let the first person with Mark of the Fallen die if it's a dps. Not sure on this one I will have to do some calculations before a final conclusion

g) An interesting trick is to have the first 2 marked people run and jump in the cannons on the skybreaker. There is no RP gain once mounted and no 5% heal.

And this is the Log from our 25man run on Wednesday, ‎December ‎30 if you wanna take a look


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I've gotta do a 25 man with you guys sometimes and show you hows it's done or somthing...

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