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Raid Commitments


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Gump and Unholy are already aware of this and I didn't get the chance to talk to you guys tonight.

My job is working a big push for a transition to Miami and I'm one of the leads to getting this done.

The current raid schedule will conflict with my increased responsiblity and as a result I will no longer be

able to raid with ATR. I can't give a definite timeframe because of some tentative details of the move

but I just wanted to let you guys know what the situation was. I've enjoyed raiding with you guys and all

the members of ATR. There have been some awesome times that I will never forget. This doesnt keep

me from lurking the forums however to check up on you guys and watch your progress in what's to come.

Keep going strong in whatever game be it this one or some of the newer ones and I'll be seein' ya. :-)

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