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Crunch time at work for the Bunny - 10/24 - 10/26


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It's crunch time and execution time this week for a major project at work for me. This means I'll be working late and coming in to work early. The only way I get up early is if I get proper amounts of sleep. 10/24 I'll have to be off by 10 unless we're still working on Rag (I'll go with less sleep any day to get gump his legendary). I'm planning on us leaving Aly early today for Rag so that we ensure we have enough time to down him this week even if we wipe, so we'll probably be done by 10 if we don't wipe anyways.

Fdragon will be on Tues and Wed so we'll have the tanks to do Aly if I gotta leave early these nights. As such, I will be leaving between 9:30 and 10:00 this week if we got the tanks.

I am also working late tonight and may be a bit late getting on if Pittsburgh's horrible bus system decides to screw me over yet again.

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