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Heldarram vs the real world irl dragons


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Today as i was walking through durotar doing my dailys protecting skullcrusher and all i recived a phone call. At first i thought hrmmmm what noob needs my help and where (probally pikachu) so i mounted up on my celestial steed ready to take action. I picked up my phone and nobody was on the other side i was like dammm this is srs buisnesss all of a sudden i heard a voice it was a weak voice saying Jordan Jordan. I responded yes what can i do for you they said we need you to come into work tonight and work we cant manage without you. I was like i know but i promised my friends i was going to help them slay dragoonnns tonight and rescue the helpless princess varibash. So i agreed to go into work and hopped back online to tell unholyfaith that i couldn't make raid. He was all then whos going to give me my di rawrrrrr rawrrrrr rawrrrr and im like at least chex isnt getting it and hes like go make a fourm post so people can creep you irl and you can post stuffs. So i did and that brings us to now and why im unable to make raid tonight.

Ps. if you actually read all that im loling at you right now

Pps. Sorry for any trouble this causes

Ppps If you kill that birdy im going to cry myself to sleep tonight

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