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  • ATRLAN //cdn.atr.cloud/monthly_2016_02/56c7ce7436a19_ATRLAN-256pxc.png.090568c6eeb911153fe3f5c769f347a3.png 04/08/2016 04/10/2016 $50 Premium / $30 Normal - $10 More At the Door! Over 100 Gamers Hilton Garden Inn Troy in Troy, NY [MAP] Premium
    • Three Days of Tournaments, Free Play, and Raffles
    • Free Swag Giveaways from our Great Sponsors!
    • 48" of Table Space for You and Your PC Equipment
    • 3 Power Outlets to Power your Tower, Monitor, and Lava Lamp
    • CAT6 Network Cable Pre-Installed at your seat!
    • 2 Raffle Tickets (+1 More Raffle Ticket for Prepaying)
    • Option to Bring your Own Chair, You'll have room for it!
    • Access to all PC Game Tournaments
    • Three Days of Tournaments, Free Play, and Raffles
    • Free Swag Giveaways from our Great Sponsors!
    • 32" of Table Space for You and Your PC Equipment
    • 2 Power Outlets to Power your Tower and Monitor
    • Bring Your Own Network Cable (We'll have some old CAT5e Spares)
    • 1 Raffle Tickets (+1 More Raffle Ticket for Prepaying)
    • Standard Banquet Chair Provided
    • Access to all PC Game Tournaments

    Join ATR Gamers as we host ATRLAN, the combined efforts of multiple gaming communities. With the sole goal of bringing out the best PC gaming experience. Following Exile Computer Gaming's, Exile LAN & Exodus LAN Events we plan for ATRLAN to be the largest LAN yet.

    ATRLAN will be held April 8th - April 10th 2016 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Troy, NY. We have found this Venue to be perfect for Exile LAN XI, XII, & XIII as well as Exodus LAN 2014, & 2015. With ample power for up to 144 computer systems and multiple Time Warner Cable Internet Connections, we're always looking to top our previous event! Doors as normal will open at 5pm Friday, tournaments kick off at 10am on Saturday.


    hearthstone tx300.png


    Competition Method: One vs One

    Match Format: Conquest Best of 5 - Single Elimination Bracket


    • Each Player will Bring 3 Unique Decks

    • No more than One Desk Per Class

    • Casual Tournament - No Bans

    • Deck Lists not required


    • 1st Place - TRION 150 250GB SDD from OCZ

    battlefield-4-logo-png 300.png


    Competition Method: 5 vs. 5 Domination

    Map Pool: Siege of Shangai, Paracel Storm, Operation Locker, Dawnbreaker, Lancang Dam, Zavod 311, Golmud Railway

    Mode: Best of Threes, 150 Tickets

    Match Length: 6 Battles (Thee Maps, Team Switch Sides)

    Match Winner: Team with the highest total remaining tickets at the End of all 6 Games


    • Teams must be ready by battle, round, and match start times

    • Each match will have three maps, played twice, with teams switching sides

    • Matches will be Won by overall ticket count, not by amount of battles won

    • There is no break between battles, there is a 10 minute break between maps

    • Player accounts must be in good standing with Punkbuster, Fairfight, and ATR Gamers



    • 1st Place - $500, $100 per Player (Minimum of 4 teams)

    Minecraft-logo 300.png

    Competition Method: Redstone Project Competition

    Mode: Creative Build

    Game Length: April 2nd - April 10th

    Game Winner: Best Redstone Project

    Restrictions: None


    • Best Redstone Project.

    • Creative Mode.

    • You can build anything you want in the time frame, as long as it contains at least One Redstone function.

    • Competition Starts NOW!

    • Competition Ends on Sunday April 10th at Noon.




    • 1st Place - Creeper & TBD Prize from TBD Sponsor



    Competition Method: Classic Competitive

    Map Pool: de_inferno, de_dust2, de_nuke, de_cache, de_mirage, de_overpass, de_cobblestone

    Mode: Best of Threes, 30 Rounds

    Game Length: Up to 90 Minutes

    Game Winner: First Team to Win 2 maps with 16 Rounds


    • Following Cevo rules, adjusted for Single Event LAN Play

    • Cevo Client is not required

    • LAN Servers will be used




    • 1st Place - $250, $50 per Player (Minimum of 4 teams)

    Legacy_of_the_Void_SC2_Logo2 -300.png

    Competition Method: One vs One

    Maps allowed: All maps are available upon player agreement

    Mode: Best of Threes, Single Elimination

    Game Length: Until the winner is determined.

    Game Winner: The player who completely destroys their opponent’s base or forces their opponent to surrender.

    Restrictions: None



    Heroes_of_the_Storm_logo -280px.png

    Competition Method: 5 vs. 5

    Maps allowed: Maps that have not been played on within a Match

    Mode: Best of Threes

    Game Length: Until the winner is determined.

    Game Winner: The team who completely destroys their opponent’s Core or forces their opponents to surrender.


    • Coin Toss Winner chooses Map Pick or First Pick

    • Bans & Picks go as follows

      • B1, B1, P1, P2, P2, B1, B1, P2, P2, P1



    • 1st Place - 5x Gunnar PPK Glasses provided by Gunnar!




    Custom/PC Mod Competition (Human)


    Competition Method: 5 Judges rule on Custom/PC Mod

    Game Length: Until a Winner is Determined

    Game Winner: Best PC based on a Panel of Judges

    Restrictions: None


    Prize: Select Sponsor Prize

    Rock Paper Scissors.png

    Rock, Paper, Scissors (Human)


    Competition Method: 1v1 Rock Paper Scissors

    Game Length: Until a Winner is Determined

    Game Winner: First Person to Win ⅔ Throws

    Restrictions: None


    Prize: Computer Case TBD


      Premium Seat
      Basic Seat

    What is a LAN Party?

    A LAN party is a temporary, sometimes spontaneous, gathering of people with computers, between which they establish a local area network (LAN), primarily for the purpose of playing multiplayer computer games.


    What is a Video Game Tournament?

    Video Game Tournament, Electronic sports, or e-sports is used as a general term to describe the play of video games competitively.


    Where is ATRLAN being held?

    Hilton Garden Inn Troy

    235 Hoosick Street

    Troy, NY 12180


    Is there an age limit?

    We do not have an age limit in regards to playing games. However if you are under 18 you’ll need to fill out our Waiver and have a parent/guardian sign it to attend ATRLAN. If you're under 16 you would need a parent, guardian, or chaperone with you at ATRLAN.


    What is the cost of ATRLAN?

    The cost is $50 from our site & $60 at the door. Additionally we’re offering a limited number of Normal Seats for $30.


    Do I have to join tournaments in order to attend?

    While the main focus at these events is the tournaments there is no reason you cannot come to watch, or just mingle with other gamers. It is a great place to meet new friends and find new games.


    What is ATR Gamers?

    ATR Gamers is the combined efforts of multiple gaming communities joining together to share in resources for the good of the game.


    What is Exile Computer Gaming?

    Exile Computer Gaming, is a collection of capital region residents that for one reason or another are obsessed with playing video games for sport. They've collected together and now host tournaments for their own amusement, or so it would seem as we're normally so busy we can barely play.


    What is neXus Gaming?

    neXus Gaming is a (small) organization in the capital region that also exists to schedule LAN parties and play some games!


    Who is ATR Gamers’, ATRLAN Staff?

    Sean (Mastric), Nick (HappyUnholy), Justin (Mythosaur), John (RoomBroom2010), Austin (Skulls), Andy (Kansir), Brendan (Pyromancer)


    Who is Exile Computer Gaming?

    David (Zoso), Josh (coyotezeye), Jonathan (Infested), Sean (Mastric), Brendan (Pyromancer), Luis (Nito_LR), Isaac (SonicNinja)


    Who is neXus Gaming?

    Graham Northup (Grissess), Nathan Mercier (Bladdezz), Treyson Cross (Talc), Eric Houston (ChibiCho), Cody Izzo (DesertStormer27)


    Do I have to bring my own equipment?

    While you can come as a spectator, to truly enjoy the ATRLAN experience you should BYOC; bring your own computer or console! There is no guarantee a system would be available for you to use.


    What should I bring?

    Some extra cash to keep yourself hydrated, well fed, and Pro Tournaments; if you choose. The last thing you want is to run out of energy right before the winning frag!


    Console Players (Tournaments & Free Play):

    Controller, We’ll have a few in various unknown condition.


    PC Players (Tournaments & Free Play):

    Computer (With One Monitor) or Laptop

    Keyboard and Mouse

    Headset for sound and communicating

    25’ Network Cable (We’ve got extra, they’re second hand)

    Install and update any games you wish to play (see our games list for recommended games!)


    What do I do if I cannot connect to the network?

    We have very capable staff members ready to help! Check the Net Ops/Admin Area.


    Am I limited to playing the games listed?

    During the course of the LAN many games will be played, some are official sponsored tournament games, like the games listed on the site. Most of the time someone will load up a game and play either publicly or privately. Look around see who is playing what and ask to join them. That is what a LAN is all about!


    Where do I get food and drink?

    ATRLAN will have non-alcoholic beverages and snacks for a small fee. Lunch, dinner and everything else can be provided by Recovery Sports Grill which is connected to the hotel.


    Overnight accommodations?

    Tell the Hilton you are attending ATRLAN  and you can rent a room at a discounted price using the Coupon Code “ATRP”.


    How often does ATRLAN hold LAN events?

    Typically once a year.


    Isn't this FAQ a little short?

    We prefer the term “little FAQ”


    I have more Questions!

    Sure you can post on our forums or contact Mastric, with the WiFi implant in his brain he’ll know as soon as you message him.




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