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  3. Thats really helpful. Will have to add that later....
  4. For those who don't know. under the secondary control bindings for jump and crouch assign them to SHIFT + SPACEBAR click on secondary box for jump, press and hold shift then spacebar to assign while STILL holding shift, click the secondary box for crouch and press spacebar continue holding and select apply. Now you're crouch jumping through windows like a PRO. I hope it makes sense lol **also make sure your crouch is set to HOLD instead of toggle. Otherwise, you'll be landing crouched :P**
  5. Last week
  6. Can't remember when this was, sometime this past weekend
  7. This isn't me, but its god damn funny. Morons playing PuBG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsevQhi-QwI
  8. Not a ban, just another glitch of an early release game.
  9. That's what you get for running @skulls.exe
  10. That like a ban? What did you do Sent from my SM-G955U using ATR Gamers mobile app
  11. Earlier
  12. Gotta love winning by tossing a grenade at someone who thinks they are hiding...:D
  13. For a first time, that's really good. My first time, I ran over a squad mate...Luckily it wasn't and ATR member
  14. Looks like theyre going live later today boys. Lets go!!
  15. Can't be to bad right?
  16. 00nic, Blackliaw, Little Gremlin and Blindluck
  17. I finally got Electric furnaces, so now the rebuild has started.lol
  18. Look up a factorio main bus, seems a popular method.
  19. So here is my current build. No trains, no flying robots. Its very close nit and very chaotic. Its the best I can do right now. I want to relocate with trains, but everything still works.lol
  20. Ya, looking over what people do in 0.15 base makes me wonder if the Mod might be too much right now
  21. So i've been playing this mod solo to try and learn it. I have the most fucked up "system" going on. Its really gross. Who would have known by adding like 5 more ores would cause so much chaos.lol
  22. just join a channel in the PUBG area of teamspeak, people will let you in their squads
  23. I've been watching streams of this and youtube videos since like mid March. Looks pretty straight forward. I needed something new to get me by, bored with most of my other games and a friend felt bad, so he bought it for me. Now I just need to actually find the times that people play. I am hoping I'm not to late to the party however, don't want this to go the way of GTA.
  24. Everyone starts out a noob. Game is fun though. Be prepared to die, a lot. But don't give up lol
  25. I'm sure @OONicc can hook you up with some people to show the ropes, and what bullets go in what guns :\
  26. Brand new noob who will probably suck ass. Just sayin
  27. Ignore
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