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  2. ATRLAN is happy to announce that ATRLAN 2020 will be held August 13th to 16th at the Hilton Garden Inn in Troy, NY. More information to come Soon™.
  3. We've been progressing but failing to post kill shots, so here is some new ones! Onward to Eternal Palace kills!
  4. Probably start raiding next week. Pretty busy this week
  5. Greetings everyone, With the release of patch 8.2 last Tuesday, the new raid is approaching quickly and will open on July 9th. This means that it is now time to plan the roster for the tier. Please post here or let an officer know if you plan to be raiding with us for this tier. As always with new tiers, rerolls are allowed, but priority on roles will be given to people who want to maintain the role they had in the previous tier. Looking forward to seeing you in the raid group! Raid Leader Mort
  6. Tickets for our August 15th - 18th 2019 event are now available.
  7. ATRLAN 2019

    ATRLAN 2019 Ticket, good for ATR Gamers' 4 day LAN event scheduled for August 15th - 18th 2019.

    Please select a seat on the floor plan to the left.

      Premium Seat - $60
      Basic Seat - $40
      Already Taken

    From $40.00

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