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  • No I believe ATR Gamers is a good fit for me because you guys seem to all be supportive and friendly. It's the camraderie I've missed since coming back to PC gaming earlier this year and I think my personality is a good fit. Thom Kovar Yes Easstern HappyUnholy TheRealKrobar TheRealKrobar I forget but yes Krobar something Heroes of the Storm, CS: GO, Star Wars Battlefront when it comes out DOJ Clan for BF2 and Day of Defeat/Day of Defeat Source. They disbanded many years ago, just all went our seperate ways after a while.

I'm 39, married, work as a network engineer and have been a gamer all my life. Atari 2600/7800, NES, SNES, PS1, then onto PCs until the Xbox 360 when I left PC gaming for a while to try to go to college (it went...poorly lol). I'm available most evenings for a few hours at least and random times during the weekend. I'm a huge Battlefield fan, started with 1942 and BF2, missed 3 due to my break and not having a decent PC, starting into 4 late but loving the heck out of it :D


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So this is someone I randomly asked to join our TS last night. And it turns out I know him, and have worked with him before at the last place I worked at lol.


Application approved :) Welcome home @TheRealKrobar

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