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New Application from Xeo

  • No It's a community base group that doesn't show much strict time/teams for the new people. I have been on a clan before having the same setup like this group; however, they threw me into a squad and started doing my trials by fire before I could even get settle in. Christopher Abrams Yes EST -5GMT XEOSNAKE Xeo CS:GO, Diablo 3 PS4 a ton from Jedi outcast/Jedi academy I can't recall all but being years ago.

    Most recently is Jedi Covenant from SWTOR and UAF on BF4 Jedi Covenant I'm still with but only have my name still on there roster. UAF is active in BF4 and I'm still a member; however, once I join this group and show my tags on here they will dishonorable discharge me by there code of law. (I don't mind...they were meh to me)

Gaming since I was 7. PC gaming since I was 10. Been through so much on PC than console during the golden times of gaming. From DOOM, Xwing, TIE Fighter, Terminal Velocity, to the days of Half Life 2 mods, Jedi Academy, CS 1.6, BF2, and Starcraft...and others. Video editor and graphic animation with a BFA degree, which trying to get a job is a bit of a pain at the moment. Father to a 3 1/2 year old daughter. A lightsaber combat stage user. Using a pvc glowstick to show case demo and forms of combat with the ideal get up of being a Jedi/Sith.


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2 minutes ago, HappyUnholy said:

Application approved. Welcome home @Xeo!


Platoon invite sent.

Thank you. Thank you all. I guess my plead of broken themes to post got me the invite =P

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I've been on something similar to this forum system. I know what I look for with custom settings to my liking. At least now if that error is there I can 'lock' it for anyone getting on my PC and such.

Side note: just to add this to the resume I do Motion Graphic Animations (trying to get into the job force) so if I need ideas/portfolio pieces please tell me. Freelance or commission. I already have done one for my old BF4 clan and I got another person wanting to do one for his twitch intro site.

^^^^ this one for the BF4 clan old ago

^^^^^ logo test

^^^^ when I am bored. Also start this at :19 secs in and think about Return of the Jedi Death Star II tunnel run scene. ^_^

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Some nice work. I'd love to have more ATR Video content with a nice intro. But we'ed have to get some streamers/recorders running and posting often.

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