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New Application from Wilby

  • No I have been in the warcraft guild on Skullcrusher for a bit as a friends & family rank and would like to move up to a raiding team again. I feel like you guys have a great atmosphere and would like to help progression any way I can Brian Wilby Yes Eastern Ftfk Dougstanhope Rocket League, Breath of the Wild I was a hardcore raider in Vanilla on Skullcrusher then Mug'thol, was in Immortality for a time on Alliance during Burning Crusade, raiding guild during Wrath non-hardcore on Skullcrusher, and that was the last time I had experience in raiding in WoW and finally have the time again to get back into it again with BFA. No, mostly due to time and availability as I was working alot more and going to school back then and would have to quit at certain times

Hey whats up, my name is Brian and I'm from Cranston, Rhode Island. Everyone calls me Wilby since that is my last name, I currently work in Pawtucket, RI in the lab at the water treatment plant doing all sorts of chemistry and environmental testing for the areas drinking water. I absolutely love being around friends, craft beer, gaming, going to concerts and comedy shows, playing bass and overall keeping things stress free and fun.


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