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New Application from WhyDidWeDoThis

  • No I enjoy spending a lot of time playing games and meeting new people. Kurtis McDonald No Eastern Mastric, kansir, Pìkachu, Mortelinnor WhyDidWeDoThis XxKPM6xX ForgottenVoid(smurf) WhyDidWeDoThis(main) Ark: Survival Evolved, Blade and Soul, CS:Go LetsRebuildGaming.com <-- TS Server, DemonicDreams Still a part of LetsRebuildGaming, left DemonicDreams as it was a cod clan and i don't play CoD as much as i used to

I'm a drummer from Ohio, not 17 but I'm mature enough i feel to join the server.


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continue to join teamspeak and get to know the guys. i played with you tonight and seemed mature enough. but i will leave it up to @HappyUnholy to decide to approve or decline due to the age thing.     

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