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New Application from Weeder76

  • No Im a VEry Comp gamer, Fun to be around, im good at games DUHH, i got great communication skills. i also know Photoshop. Webpage design afew other things Dalton Yes East Coast ! HappyUnholy Weeder76 Weeder76 Rovaan Weeder76 Weeder76 Weeder76 Weeder76 Vaultboy76 CS:GO, SMITE, Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Siege, Honestly to many to list haha ! Them are the main. I Own over 600 games lol look at steam account not many I own one ShellSHockedGamerZ, and Urock i was in..... thats about it . afew others i applyed on their sites but thats all Im With ShellShockedGamerZ Because im the Owner lol but its mainly a family clan for me and my family and close friends !

Major gamer just look at steam and origin profiles. I Know happy was in his old clan just gonna hook back up and game with people again !


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