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New Application from TheQue

  • No We are not sure at the moment, we would need to talk a bit before making that determination. TheQue Yes EST TheQue Star Citizen:

    My Handle in all games: TheQue
    My Wifes Handle in all games: Girl-In-Pigtails None

Hello all,

My wife and I just started playing Battlefield 4 on PC about 2 weeks ago. I had played the game previously for a few weeks before I just happen to have some real life issues that took my attention away. I previously enjoyed the game but I did not have many friends to play with as not many people I know enjoy gaming.

My wife, however, does enjoy gaming very much. We saw the live stream of the Battlefield 1 launch and it peaked our attention. Dice was running a nice sale and it was $19.99 for each of us to get the Premium package and we jumped on it. We figure, what better way to prepare for Battlefield 1 than to play and learn on Battlefield 4.

You will notice I stated learn... We are fairly new to FPS style games, but they are quite addictive. Previously we were MMORPG players, but that just eats up far too much real life time as we found it harder and harder to just jump in for an hour or two. Raids took an hour alone just to organize, let alone actually accomplish them. FPS games (like Battlefield) have much more freedom as you can log in and play a few games and be done for the night. There are no 3-4 hour raids you must accomplish over and over so everyone gets some elite piece of gear.

The biggest issue in FPS shooters is it is not a single server type of situation where joining a mature "guild," "clan," etc... is very easy. It is hard to tell which clans are active, and furthermore the main pub servers are populated with a bunch of immature people we are not fans of. As a matter of fact, as my wife is a female, obviously, she sees quite a bit of verbal abuse on the chat screen. Compound this with a learning curve in the game and she is quickly becoming disheartened about this type of game.

Tonight when she logged out, she asked me to look for a group of active people we can play with. We really do enjoy working together as a team with people who use voice chat to get things done; this comes from years of MMORPG teamwork.

What we are looking for:

1. A fun group of people.
2. People who have a sense of humor; there is a difference between sense of humor and crossing the line though...
3. People who actually play often; the game is older now and we realize a lot of the orgs are limited with active people.
4. People who like to work together as a team; having fun as a team is far more important than the score for us.

What we are not looking for:

1. A group of people only dedicated to competition
2. A group of people who have absolute log-on requirements; we play almost daily, but real life takes precedence.
3. If your group allows constant trash talk, foul language, verbal abuse on chat, etc... we are not interested.

Thanks for reading, and I sincerely hope we can find a good group of people to play with.

-Ray (TheQue)
-lindsay (Girl-In-Pigtails)


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Thanks for the application! I saw you jumped into Teamspeak, but by the time I got back to great, you had left. Stick around and join Teamspeak to get to know the crew. We are usually pretty active during evenings during the week and weekends.

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We've got a large mix of players here being both a Warcraft guild and Battlefield clan. While those twos games and their players don't cross often you'll see us together for things like Minecraft, Overwatch, etc.


We are not dedicated to competition, but do occasionally have a team of players who try to compete, an optional offering.

We don't have login requirements on the Battlefield side, but we do offer a program that will allow your PC to log in to our sever automatically to seed the numbers, again optional.


Our language policy from our rules is followed to a tee, and met, in game, with kills, kicks, and bans;


We DO NOT allow racist or homophobic slurs. We DO NOT allow intolerant language in regards to ones gender, race, country, sexual preference or background.

It's understood that we're a gaming community of adults. Adult language, swearing is acceptable if not expected. However the intolerant language mentioned above can give a group a bad image. If you are found using such language in TeamSpeak or in-game you will be warned and removed if necessary.


Let us know if you have any other questions as we'ed love to have you two in our community.

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