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  • No Well ive been with these gents for years. and i wanna help more. The job is starting to roll in money and i would be willing to donate. and id always do my best to make ATR an outstanding clan/community. Michael Visinski No US East New Jersey OONicc TheAvgFielder Arma 2/3, Rainbow Six Siege. pretty much all FPS (except COD) uRck Well i left uRck because no one was really left

Well i'm 16 y/o country kid born in New Jersey trying to always make new friends. I saved up money for a couple of years since i was 12 and bought and built my pc. Call of Duty was such a milked game i needed something new. Battlefield, love at first kill. But the problem was who want to play with some 14/15 year old. Thats when i found uRCK. An absolutely fantastic community that unfortunately was killed off. I had Happy as my bf4 friend and i always wondered where Happy went. i saw him playing in an ATR server and decided to join. Then i met Nick. (OCCNick if i remember correctly) and he gave me the ip to ts and thats when i found all my old friends. Happy, Colmac, skulls etc. Finally reconnected.


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