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New Application from Sunarii

  • No I need a social network for playing the video games I participate in. Dominick Roland Polito Yes US CENTRAL XIACOM Sunarii Nutra, Brimlad Counter-Strike, Batman GOTY, TombRaider, Dragonball XENOVERSE, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Realm Reborn, Dead Island Green Street Houligans, Warriors From Above, Soul Dragon No, they have been inactive, players or guild members stopped being active. Not keeping up with daily Raids, or PVP events.

My name is Dom Roland Polito. I am 25 yrs. old. Am currently a network specialist student, and have been to 3 different colleges. I participated in many tournaments for wc3 frozen throne, and was ranked on solo ladder on my account. Also was a collegiate athlete for wrestling.


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I just noticed his name 'Xiacom', he popped in to Teamspeak last night after we where done playing HotS, but we were still in the talk limited raiding channel.

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