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New Application from SugahFree

  • No I've gotten a chance to play with some of its members. OONicc got me going with BF4 once my PC up and running and I really enjoyed the atmosphere. It brought back good memories of my PC days with teamwork, communication, and over laughs and good times. I miss that and would like to be a part of that.

    I'm a good guy. Simply laid back, funny (or so I think), drama free, trustworthy, down to earth kind of dude. Just seeking a solid squad of players/friends and a place to call home in the PC gaming community. Emmanuel Guzman (E-Man) Yes Pacific Standard Time OONicc SugahShotU SugahShotU SugahFree Besides FPS games. I enjoy games like Minecraft, RPG's, 3rd person action/adventure, Open world games, survival games. There are so many PC games I have missed out on it will be hard to list what I will be playing. I have a lot of catching up to do. PC - World of Warcraft - Team X Calibre which later formed into Pwntatos.

    Xbox 360 - OONicc Black Ops 2 clan CRUE No longer in them. They simply phased out. People left and moved on. I still rep'd CRUE with another buddy Cpt Kush for a while before I purchased a PS4.

I'm 32 from living in Petaluma, California. Grew up in Sonoma which is a 15 minute drive from where I currently live. In 89' I went out with my older brother to a Longs Drugs Store and picked up the first NES and have been gaming ever since.

I'm a really laid back, down to earth kind of dude. Looking for a solid group of people to play games with and just simply have FUN again. I use to play competitive Counter-Strike 1.6 back in 01-03 in the CAL league. My team and I made it to their CAL-M bracket, then my PC broke and had no funds to repair so I unfortunately had to quit playing. A year later I had money saved up and repaired my PC - New Mobo, GPU, PSU and got a chance to try out the WoW Beta for a few days and was instantly HOOKED, hard. Played WoW hardcore for 4 years on US Boulderfist as a Tauren Shaman named Funhooves in the guild Team X Calibre who later formed into Pwntatos along with other smaller guilds in pre Burning Crusade. During BC I swapped over to a Blood Elf Paladin and played with my guild until the end of Sunwell Raid. We were the top guild in that server for quite some time (Horde side) until all its members burnt out including myself at the end of BC. Sunwell proved to be too much and people simply started dropping. Lich King came out and I tried to give it another go but, I too had reached my point where I needed to stop. I enjoyed my time in WoW, most fun in gaming I've had, the teamwork, comradery, and skill it took for us to clear content fast. Good times.

In 07 my buddy came over with his PS3 and a game called Call of Duty Modern Warfare. I was blown away, instantly hooked. My old Counter-Strike competitive side came out and I had to get into it. Since I was on the way out with WoW I spent whatever time I had into getting good with a controller on console. I played MW and the following COD title World at War as much as I could. It was a frustrating time leaving mouse/keyboard for a gamepad. It wasn't until the end of WaW that I finally honed my controller skills and became as the console community call a "Sweaty TryHard". I was smashing lobbies solo everyday in MW2, BlackOps, MW3. Black Ops 2 came out played solo for a while but I got tired of always carrying people that I finally missed having a team at my back so I could just relaxe and play. That is where I met OONicc and his clan CRUE. Oh man we did smash lobbies in that game. It was the most fun I've had on console in a long time. After the end of Black Ops 2 that jerk Nicc left us console for the PCMasterRace =P

I stayed on consoles and repped CRUE for along with another member there Cpt Kush.

PS4 came out and continued to play CoD, BF3, BFH, BF4, Destiny (for a year and a half), and played Overwatch until finally getting my PC built the last week in September just before my birthday.

And boy does it feel good to be back on PC. So much has changed but after the console phase and seeing games on PC and what I've missed out on. I don't see myself going back to console unless there is a PS4 exclusive lol


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Sugah is a longtime gamer buddy, we still stay in contact on a daily basis. We will make a great addition to ATR.

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That's for the application. Spend some time with us in Teamspeak to get to know the group and we'll go from there!

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1 hour ago, asmith19323 said:

have sent invite to platoon, been on awhile is a good dude. just quite. but next to @OONicc everyone is quite. 



Ahhh the suspense is killing me! Quite what?! Quite Sexy? Quite Hunky? Quite Boring? Gah. If you're not going to finish your sentence, just stay QUIET. =D

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Ahhh the suspense is killing me! Quite what?! Quite Sexy? Quite Hunky? Quite Boring? Gah. If you're not going to finish your sentence, just stay QUIET. =D

I think you're confusing quite with quite...

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