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New Application from Spark733

  • No I have been hanging out with this community for a good month now and I really enjoying going into teamspeak knowing there is always someone there to game with or just have a chat. It is a great community and has has active groups in bf4 and Rainbow 6, which is great. Brianna Yes Central Spark733 Rainbow 6 Siege, Terraria, Payday2 Unkso, THB, M4D No, I am not apart of these clans/communities any longer. I lost interest in paperwork with due dates, running laps, being belittled and not having a good time.

I am currently in my second semester of college studying to get a degree in nursing. I am mostly studying during the week but on weekends I am gaming, Its my escape from stressful schooling and rl.


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Approved. Platoon invite sent. Welcome to the group @Spark733


Hope you can spend a little more time up with the BF players and not always down in the silly Rainbow channel. :)

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Thank you for the welcomes. On Teamspeak it says I'm a guest again and the forums it says I'm a registered user. Is there an error?

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