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New Application from sniper12371

  • No I have played on their servers for a while and found there members to be nice and good at what they do. I want a good group to play with and this seemed like the best one. luke No Pasific standard time sniper12371 Sniper12371 I have not been apart of many communities besides my friends. I have been a part of a Day Z clan but i quit playing with them because i stopped playing day z. Nope. i quit day z a while back until a new update happens.

I am a gamer that has been playing games on a 360 and ps3 for years. I am not super pro but consider myself of above average skill level on battlefield 4. I have been looking for a group for awhile and this seemed like the best one around. I am on pc most of the time but there are weekends and sometimes large time gaps in my play time.


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I was playing with him last night, we were all hanging out in teamspeak and playing conquest, good guy. I give him my stamp of approval, if that means anything to the BF leadership.

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@sniper12371 is underage. So it's a no for the moment. However, we do make exceptions from time to time. Continue to hang out and as long long as the maturity is there, this decision will become a yes.

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After continued help and support with popping servers and being a decent human, we've reconsidered and have decided to accept @sniper12371 as a member. Welcome home buddy!

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