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New Application from Snakedbd

  • No i have been playing with ATR member for a while and everybody is so friendly.
    When i join TS there is always someone welcoming me and its nice and i can always find someone to play Phil Costa (Snakedbd) Yes Easatern -5 OONicc I am currently PUBG AND BATTLEFIELD 1 I have been part of m4d for the past 2 years and i have been a Guest here since OOnic moved to ATR 3 members are leaving M4D since we want to play with some people and for the past month all we have been doing is playing with ATR members
I am 35 years i am married with 3 kids. I love maple syrup i put that Shh**t on everything. I also live in a Igloo right outside Ottawa Canada. I grow maple bacon in my garden.
Seriously i think i am a fun person to hang with , i love life and i enjoy playing with you guys.

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Well since you've been on our couch since we got @OONicca room, I suppose we can find a room for you too. Welcome home.

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