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New Application from Smerffy

  • No So I got details from Summa about this guild. Due to my experience in WoW (length) I know what I am doing (or i can pretend very well). The raid nights are perfect, the times are perfect and from what Summa has been telling me, the atmosphere sounds pretty good as well. Kyle Yes MST Summa Smerffybear Smerffykins I play a lot of PayDay 2, Fallout 4, i do play Diablo, but not remembering Character name currently. I play HoTS and can't wait for Overwatch. I also play GTA V but can't remember my name for Social Club, its been awhile since I've logged in, like 9ish months or so. In Vanilla I was in a guild called NightStar on Skywall Alliance. In BC I was with Hybrid Reaction and later with OzNz. In Wrath I was with Hybrid Reaction again and Later joined NightShift on Thrall Horde. NightShift became The Last Hope in Cata and The Last Hope Became The Protectorate in WoD. NightStar - In BC was merged with a couple other guild to become Hybrid Reaction
    Hybrid Reaction - Late BC there was in fighting and some of us left and started OzNz
    OzNz - Early Wrath our numbers fell apart and we joined back to Hybrid Reaction (or what was left of them)
    Late Wrath, Hybrid Reaction was having leadership issues once again, so I moved to horde.
    NightShift - The fun one, This guild was doing amazingly, until early Cata, Leader ship issues ended with the GL disbanding the guild. Myself, Summa and some others started The Last Hope.
    Mist and WoD - The core from The Last Hope were looking for more casual people or just people in general and we went to a couple different guilds (Quest and Remorse) but while in both those guilds we were our own grp and had to get our own supplies, so I don't count them.
    The Protectorate - I was the GM of this guild up until about 4 weeks ago. This guild was started as a fresh start. All of my toons are in this guild as officers atm. Alot of my gaming friends are in this guild.

I am a Vanilla veteran, been playing this game for a very long time. I am a Military Vet who loves playing video games. I work at a Movie Theater in Aurora, CO (not that one). I am a Cook at said Theater. I am gearing up to go back to school to get my Degree in Physics. I am Single, no kids and not a huge fan of long walks on the beach, sand in my shoes is annoying. However, walks at night in the snow are magical.


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6 hours ago, Summa said:

lol good to know my input goes a long way!

Dont go crazy and give yourself too much credit :P "a long way" 

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Oh shut it Bud...you love me..dont deny it!



Also...any input anyone? usually people arnt such slackers when it comes to apps!


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Just so everyone knows. i have been maining a RShaman since HFC came out. Her ilvl is MUCH higher, but Summa said you don't need healers. So the monk is the next best geared. Played her up until HFC.

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