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New Application from Sereniti

  • No I already have pals in RL who have been members of the community for a while. (Hutch, Vinji, etc). Y'all seem chill, but not that chill---so I'm thinking I'll fit well. Taylor/Sereniti Yes EST Vinji Sereniti, Tranquiliti Nothing ATM Zero, Zilch, Nada N/A

Hello, I've already ran a few raid runs with you guys, but in case you missed it---I'm Sereniti. I'm a twenty-somethin' lady who moved to the cruel yankee North from the South. I mainly rotate between Shaman, DK, Druid, and Hunter currently in WoW. I am highly competitive and love rushing to complete keys or a berserk timer on a raid boss. I have no RL friends, so cheers to making new ones here.


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