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New Application from Samzorz

  • No The raid times fit perfectly! :D and any chance to play vids with Fatty! I enjoy raiding, 5 mans, PvP, World events, questing (to an extent). Samer Umran Yes EST Ftfk Pinkystnk Fallout series (tactics was my fav)
    No Man's Sky
    Dragon's Dogma
    Pokemon Yellow!
    Call of Duty
    Rocket League
    DotA 2
    Tera I was in one SWtoR guild, which went till we eventually all migrated to other games, some of us went to Skyforge and played in a Pantheon for a while and got to know our GM really well, he sadly passed away and we merged with another pantheon that was looking to create a gaming community. We had over 100 people in TS for our Pantheon Wars the first season (last Winter actually, "https://youtu.be/i34EwfH_8Cs?t=758" I'm playing a Beserker, Cici Mee) This was hands down, the MOST epic 5 days of PvP ever...ever...However, we were all just too busy with life to keep up with the Russians...Haven't really kept in touch since i came back to WoW unfortunately, but nothing was on bad terms. My WoW guilds have been composed of old High School friends and ppl i met in college. I did raid with FTFK for a while in MoP on a blood DK. None of my past guild experiences have been cut short due to any tom-dickery. I actually still have all the VOIP servers from "most" of my old guilds/pantheons. I say most, since some are just no longer available.

FTFK and I go waaaaaay back ;) but I used to be the FTFK in those days, he was known as Skeleton. he has remained one of my nearest and dearest through some crazy shindigs. My friends are like fam to me. I grew up in a huge family and it slowly grows, because fam is just too awesome! I follow what's happening in Syria very closely as I still have family there.


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Sam is one of my oldest friends and a very solid player. He was a solid blood tank in MoP, but since we already have one really good tank with CM weapons and one decent one I suggested he look into playing dps.


I'd also suggest that he could be a candidate to gear up as a off tank for nights where Qwar or Bash have to be MIA. This will be easier to do with the removal of bonus armor as a stat and actually enjoys tanking unlike our past backup tanks.

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