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New Application from Sailor_Joe

  • No From playing on your BF4 servers you seem to attract a strong player base. I enjoy spending time on your servers and find the ADMIN comments quite comical. I enjoyed reading over your forum and events posted on your outstanding website. In the end, it seems your group of gamers are a mature and fun clan that I would appreciate the honor of having to play with on a regular basis. I like to think that I am mature (for playing computer games anyways) and fun so for me it seems like a good fit. Joseph (Joe) Yes PST Josephus_Daniels Elder Scrolls Online, Star Wars The Old Republic (rarely), Star Wars Battlefront None in BF3 or 4. Currently in two guilds in ESO (Savage Hearts/Pact Militia) and a member of Children of Korriban in SWTOR. I have been in multiple guilds during my time in EQ/WoW/Eve Online however I currently do not play them any more. I am still semi-active in ESO and SWTOR however I do not play EQ, WoW, or EVE any more.

Served 20 years in the US Navy, now retired and working as a Navy civilian in IT security. Married with 3 teenage boys and a great doctor who prescribes the best...anyways have 2 dogs to add in to make a nice big family. I enjoy computer gaming ranging from MMORPGs (Elder Scrolls is the current one) to FPS (BF 4 and Star Wars Battlefront). Absolutely love anything with Star Wars...except for the cartoon stuff...not a fan.


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@HappyUnholy just picked up Eve and a couple of us are now mining rocks again :P. Keep active on TeamSpeak, get to know the guys, and approval will come soon.

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