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New Application from Redneck

  • No Been on TS with a few members and turns out I met DrunkenRedneck years ago in PotW. Seems like a casual gaming environment and a place I could call home :) Chris Yes PST.. West Coast Oregon ADrunkRedneckk 1ReDnEcK R3dSoldi3r ARK occasionally and BF1 War Dogs and Neo-Soldiers No, War Dogs split up a few years ago and Neo-Soldiers went down hill as well..

Started online gaming playing COD2 with the PotW clan back in 2005.

I'm 43 years old, married to my wife now for 18 years. I have 2 sons, 1 in the Air Force and the youngest still in Junior High. I've been working in the steel industry for about 20 years now, welding, ironwork, press brake, etc.. Love hunting, fishing, gaming and spending time with the wife and kids.. Maybe not in that order...lol


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Other then then confusion of two Rednecks everythign appears in order. Just hang out in TS and get to know the guys and we'll move to getting you an invite.

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Hes an awesome guy! Well rounded person and can definitely vouche for him! Would definitely be a nice addition to this organization!

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lol.. Would have been on today but got too smashed last night and been hungover today! I'm getting too old for that shit!

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7 hours ago, ADrunkRedneckk said:

Hell to the Yea~!

Where you been hiding @ADrunkRedneckk?


I think me and you need nicknames...lol.. How bout ya'll call me Red just like back in WD and you, D.R?

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