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New Application from PcGamerReign

  • No I enjoy playing with people and its not always easy to find a good group of people that play the same games as me. I like to joke around and have fun but not at the expense of another person. I like to help out wherever i can and i take the communities i join to heart and want to make it my family. Levi Yes GMT-5 PcGamerReign Pcgamerreign PcGamerReign sReignw Overwatch, CoD, ARK, R6Siege, Division, Terraria Ive been in several communities in the past, most recently i was in Ethix Gaming for 2 years, i was Deputy Operations Commander in charge of overseeing the different regiments (games we supported) and their group of 3 Regiment Commanders. I was also in charge of End of Month Promotions, End of Month Reports, Administrative actions on TeamSpeak, Website, and Servers (DayZ, Rust, MC) I was one of the original core group of people that started Ethix Gaming, i built the majority of their website that is still being used today.

    I am also a founder of HIVE Community dot org. Its nothing huge or fancy, its like 6 friends and we all play games together and i was one that got stuck with the monthly payments xD I am still a Founder of HIVE, we are not big or trying to get big, just a small group of friends with a website a discord and an MC server.

    I left Ethix Gaming due to a conflict of interest. Once a year, the chain of command rotates upward and the new Command Structure wanted to take the community away from NFP and into a business. Not only did i not agree, but my warnings and messages about Product Licensing as well as that fancy 300 slot TS were going to be an issue for them. needless to say, i wanted no part of this and went my separate way and wanted to provide a small place for me and my friends to play together at HIVE.

Hello, my name is Levi, i go by Reign. most of my gamertags are PcGamerReign due to Reign already being taken >.


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