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New Application from MonkeyNinja4Ever

  • No I think that ATR is a good fit for me because I'm a gamer, and overall just a nice person. I love to get to know people who share the same interests as me, and enjoy playing games. I'm drama free and carefree. Olivia Yes CST unsure rn (ill let you know when I know) MonkeyNinja4Ever CSGO, Payday 2, Heroes of the storm, Rust Logout Reality, and some others that i was only part of for a day or two. Yes, other then the one's I left.

My name is Monkey, and I'm a female gamer. I really enjoying playing games and hanging out with people. I am an open book, and enjoy learning new things and playing new games.


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Thanks for the application, i see that you are on Teamspeak so just hang around get to know the guys and give us a chance to know you. 


we have three servers for minecraft. FTB beyond, FTB skyfactory, and a vanilla creative server. if you want to get on those add your minecraft name to your profile and that will whitelist you to play there.


most nights people play PUBG as i see you are in now. on Mon and Tues a bunch play GTA V, Wed and Thurs, most people are playing WOW. most of us have various other games that we play on and off. so if you ever want to get something going just post in the forums and see if anyone wants to play. 



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