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New Application from Mazrin

  • No I've been looking for a raiding guild that does higher end content and heard from a friend that ATR does that with a relaxed atmosphere. Mazrin Yes Central Smerffy Mazrin Mazrin Zarauth Overwatch, Europa Universalis, Endless Legend The Protectorate, Relentless Dawn I'm still with The Protectorate, I left Relentless Dawn when it broke up and everyone moved to different servers.

I'm 26 years old and like to read and play video games. Until recently I haven't had a consistent work schedule so I had to stop raiding and quit wow, but that has changed and now I'm getting back into the game.


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Prolly should have done this sooner, but its been a crazy week at work. 


i've been raiding with Mazrin now since the end of Cata. He is one of those people who know's his class very well and is quick to be able to make the little and big tweaks when things change. I was always able to count on him knowing fight mechanics and class mechanics no matter what fight we were doing. He is also very knowlegable when it comes to making tweaks to how boss fights are done. He was one of the ones I went to when we hit a brick wall. 


When I had to quit raiding with The Protectorate, I actually left Mazrin in charge, until he could no longer maintain that roll either. 

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Spots will be tight until nighthold comes out for anyone lagging behind gear wise. When we switch back to heroic raiding, I have no problems giving him a spot, he can even cross realm if he wants to see if we are good fit for him.

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Sorry for not responding, the holidays and since then have been a lot busier than I was expecting.


Having gotten a chance to raid with the group now I would love to join you guys.  I know my gear isn't as good as it needs to be but with work settling down I'll have more time to work on that so I'm ready when a spot opens up.

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