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New Application from masterchiefgr1

  • No I really like playing battlefield with the guys and I have been searching for an active group for a long time to participate in. Even when no one else is online I try to help populate the servers and do what I can. MasterChiefGR1 Yes US Eastern OONicc Masterchiefgr1 SpartanWolf117 Masterchiefgr1 Dayz, Battlestations pacific, Age of Empires II I was a part of a few gaming crews that fell apart or were inactive. I am not, none of them I can remember, I left becuase they were all inactive.

I have been an avid gamer for years, playing SNES with my brother when I was 3, moving to N64, Game cube and Xbox. My first FPS was Halo CE, all of the halos I bought brand new and played until Halo 5 when I couldn't afford an Xbox One because being an adult is no fun. I played Battlefield 4 on Xbox 360 since it was released and recently with the help of my roommate I switched to PC. I played Battlefiled 4 on PC for several weeks and played in ATR servers till one evening some of the guys were in and I asked how I could join. I was told to join teamspeak and I did. I've been playing with them for a couple weeks now and am excited to join.


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i would say cheif fits in well with the group and he puts up with me pretty good :)
i would let him join up

- OONicc

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I like Chief a lot. Even though he's not officially a part of the group yet, it really feels like he is! He's got great cohesion with the Battlefield Fam!

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