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New Application from lxadeptxl

  • No I love playing with others, and I love communication between people. It makes the game more enjoyable Kevin Chan Yes PST The_Real_1hit, Janzstone lxadeptxl lexodus_adept H1Z1, Call of Duty, and Skyrim. I've been apart of 5 Call of Duty competitive teams-
    Exodus, Elemental, RSN, Redemption, and Ryzn I left each team because each team started to argue over small things.
    Communication was sometimes unreliable
    Some teammates were uncooperative, and didn't want to put in the time.

I'm a PC gamer who originally came from playing consoles, and I enjoy playing Battlefield, Planetside, Call of Duty, Skyrim, Assassins Creed, CS:GO, H1Z1 and any decent FPS.
The original game I used to play was Call of Duty. I played as a competitive player on the MLG website, UMG, and Gfinity website.


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thanks for the app. we will review and get back to you.


if you haven't already please join our teamspeak and get to know the guys and for us to get to know you. 

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Hey there @lxadeptxl Glad to see you put an app in, certainly see you on servers enough. Like asmith said, spend some time on Teamspeak, see if we're too weird for you or not. =D

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