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New Application from Lorethos

  • No Saw Mythosaur's trade post and thought that you guys looked well established. Talked to him briefly and he mentioned there are lots of people who run M+ as thats mostly what im interested in at the moment. I may get back into raiding but at the moment I wouldn't be able to commit myself fully to a raid team. Lorethos Yes EST Mythosaur Lorethos Paradise Was with them throughout the first tier of WoD. Got up to mythic Blackhand and got burnt out and stopped playing for a bit. Came back after HFC after they transferred.

Been playing since vanilla WoW off and on. Started raiding more seriously in MoP achieving some decent US rankings (US#105 Mythic Imperator). Playing on mostly a monk right now while levelling some alts to experience the other order hall campaigns.


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