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New Application from Kitakaze0013

  • No A mature, casual community will be a welcome change from what I've experienced in the past. Sometimes you take it seriously, sometimes you just want to goof off, it's always best to remember it's just a game at the end of the day. Considering also the activity level of the members, it would be nice to actually see people online to join up with and know who they are/how they play. Joshua Yes U.S. EDT (GMT -4) kitakaze0013 Overwatch, Elder Scrolls Online, The Division, Arma III. I'm taking a hiatus from Final Fantasy XIV for the time being. I was a member (and officer) in the Everquest II guilds Restoration, and Insurrection. In Final Fantasy XIV I'm a member of the guild Mysterium. I left Everquest II a while back due to funds and work hours going south in addition to members leaving/falling off from the guild. I am still a member of Mysterium, although currently only through the forum and Skype chat.

I've been playing a wide range of games online since about 1999 (started with EverQuest) and I've recently gotten burned out on Final Fantasy XIV, so I've been going back to games I used to play much more of. Battlefield has always been my favorite FPS series, so of course I came back to it. I prefer playing Recon, but it's always fun to challenge myself to see how many deaths I can avoid with other classes. I mean kills I can get, yeah that.


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