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New Application from Judoh

  • No Joined the community a while back, in 2016 but was never really as active. I like the sense of activity not only within wow but as a gaming network as well, just in case i venture off into other platforms. Michael - (ign-Bustcaps) Yes est

Returning wow player, looking for a solid progression group and just an overall casual gaming environment. 30yrs old with kids and work in miami corrections so raid times fit my schedule if i am selected to raid.


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Hey Judoh,


We're always happy to welcome new member into the community, and we'd be glad to have you join us.


Regarding raid, you haven't said what you were playing, so I'll answer regarding all roles. Any member is welcome to raid with us if they want to, though raiders staying with us from the latest tier are given priority for entry. We currently have 33 players listed for raid this tier, but that's counting 6 part-time raiders, so there's still 3 open full-time spots for dps or a dps with healer OS. 


You can add me on Btag (Mortel#1814) if you're interested in joining us, and would like to discuss it further.

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On 9/1/2018 at 3:23 AM, Mortelinnor said:


Regarding raid, you haven't said what you were playing,

So my intent was initially was to level and gear my DK so i could have the role of a tank to secure a raid spot (as most guilds look for tanks) but seeing how you guys have the covered i could always reroll my paladin ret/holy..


i'm open to anything that would assist the team.

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