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  • No I enjoy playing games with other people, single player games have never really been a point of interest for me. I'm a friendly guy, enjoy talking to others and don't flame. Josh Yes EST Mastric joshjayk Dota 2, SC2 Ghoztcraft for a long while, I'm part of a Dota 2 League known as Requiem Autumn, and a few whitelisted FTB servers here and there. The FTB servers just started to lose activity and eventually I'd be the only one on, so it got boring. I'm still a part of the Dota 2 league and still check up on Ghoztcraft occasionally (it's a pretty dead forum now).

I've been into computer games for a while, started playing Starcraft: BW way back when and stumbled upon a great online community (ask Mastric about it!). Transitioned over to Dota, and then Dota 2, and started playing Minecraft on top of that.


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On 9/10/2016 at 2:40 PM, Mastric said:

With the release of WoW Legion &  BF1 Beta our FTB has gone silent :\

Oh no. ): I really wish WoW wasn't subscription based... I hate paying monthly for things.

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Was there still interest in joining? We do still have the FTB, only a couple people playing though as a lot going on with BF and WoW

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