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  • No I'm looking for a community with players I can hang with and have a good time. The ATR server is usually a pretty happening place and I've enjoyed the games I've played there. Jon Edenfield Yes Eastern Standard JonEdenfield Rainbow 6 Siege and lots of single player strategy games such as Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis IV. I've been a part of a few different over the years in games such as SWG, SWTOR and Wow. Guild Medieval would be an example of one. Most fell apart as people got tired of the games or didn't have as much time to play.

I'm 24 an a cook for a catering company so I generally have a pretty varied schedule. I've been gaming for years and just recently upgraded my computer and can now play Battlefield 4. I've played several times on the ATR sever over the past couple days and have enjoyed myself immensely.


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We've played a bit of Civ V recently and where looking towards Europa or Civ VI for a better multiplayer experience.


While our Battlefield 4 scale has been decreasing lately we do still have a lot of members that play it, but feel free to stretch about the game play. As it stands, as long as you're active in Teamspeak and don't get scared off my our members, membership approval should be a shoe-in. 

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Awesome I've played a bit of Civ V but haven't gotten VI yet. I haven't run into anyone on Teamspeak yet but that's probably cause I haven't been on during peak times last few days. Work gets me working weird schedules. I look forward to meeting more members and getting to know folks. 

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Ah yes, with BF1 on sale it's a good time to pick it up. And PUBG has been very popular recently.

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He's a cool, down to earth dude. Got him 2 chicken dinners Saturday evening, though one was a soggy one. He would've had a third but him &@Kushems choked and didnt watch out flank [emoji39][emoji39]

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using ATR Gamers mobile app

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1 hour ago, JonEdenfield said:

Yeah me and Kush slipped up on that one.

It's all good, bro! Just giving you and Kush a hard time :D

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