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New Application from JackalOsiris

  • No Think I said it in the above section, heh. I enjoy learning things and teaching others what I know, so perhaps you can benefit from that as well. JacakOsiris Yes EST JackalOsiris Tribes Ascend, Lord of the Rings Online, Team Fortress 2 Team Recon, Rare Breed Team Recon is a small community of guys who have been playing together since the 90s. Most of us have grown up and had families so it has been several years since we played together as a large group. Rare Breed is a LOTRO kinship who i play somewhat, but not avidly.

I'm a 29-year-old gamer trying to balance my career and gaming. I have been a fan of the BF series since BF1942 and also enjoyed other FPS games like Tribes Ascend. I also spend time playing Lord of the Rings Online. I'm just a friendly gamer trying to find a community where I can chat and enjoy some team play.


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Currently under review.  Just hang out with us in TS and play on the servers until we get to know you.  Thank you for your application. 

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I'll have to say I approve.  Been hanging in TS and helping with servers.  If no one opposes, an invite should be sent to you soon. 

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