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New Application from Hughes

  • No I think that i would be a good fit for ATR because you guys have a great community going and I would love to help the community. Also I am on almost everyday and I am mostly on the ATR TS for around 1-2 hours a day talking to otther members having a good time. Jack Yes PST DropShotz007, skulls, OONicc xHughez xHughez Counter Strike: GO, Rocket League, Ark, Garry's Mod and Elite Dangerous. N/A N/A

I am 17 years old, I currently Live in Oregon. My personal Hobbies are Photography, Skiing, Target Shooting and Playing Lacrosse. At 16 I started my own Photography/Filming Company and I am a Sports Photographer primarily Winter Sports, but just recently I got the opportunity to travel to the X Games and follow around one of their head photographers and learn from him for the week. And that is just a little about me!


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Application approved. I have added you as a friend on Battlelog. Please accept it so I can invite you to the platoon.

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