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New Application from Ginni

  • No Im looking for a gulid that takes raiding seriusly but is not overly hardcore. That is able to finish raids in all dificulties and has a stabished raid schedule, but also has a relaxed and enjojable during the process. I believe you guys are that guild. Mathias Yes UTC-04:00 cabelockjr ginni I play a lot of overwatch, heartstone and magic the gathering online. For some reason the character profile is not very updated so im going by memory:
    Some of the guilds i have been in are:
    During Wotlk: Aeracura, Dark entropy
    As i mentioned before im pretty sure i was in atr during cata or perhaps early pandaria. Left the guilds when i stopped playing and or the guild disbanded.

Hi Mathias here. I used to play a lot during Wotlk, raiding hardcore and basically being online all the time. I played a lot more casually during cata (btw i think i joined/raided with you guys during cata but im not 100% sure) and then stopped playing during pandaria. Started working alot more and playing other games. Coming back to the game now since the new exciting exp is coming up. looking to raid seriusly, put in the time to learn my class and have good time. Cabelockjr is my good friend and told me to join.


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"able to finish raids in all dificulties"


looking at the wrong guild fam Aotc is as far as ATR will get


Casual, fun albeit questionnable at times but definitely a good community

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Oh im not looking to destroy Heroic mode or whatever the hardest dificulty is. 

I just added that so you guys know im in for anything. 

Im long past my hardocre days.

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hi already explained how our guild works so he will not be expecting hardcore players but casual good player fun to play with

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