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New Application from G33KBastage

  • No Looking over the group's forum, it seems like a lot of previous U ROCK have come here and the rules are about the same. I loved the server rules at uRck and I like that you all have similiar thoughts on racism, homophobic remarks, etc. Also see you guys are also anti-tbagging. I like mature game play with like-minded adults. G33KBastage aka Patrick Yes EST HappyUnholy G33KBastage Rocket League =U= Rock - Since May 10th, 2016
    Legendary Bastards - 2 years
    S3XY - over 8 years - UnDeadSoulja BF2-start of BF4
    =U= Rock - We all know why :(
    Legendary Bastards - Disbanned after some clan leadership struggles back before may..became a very "dead" clan, mostly playing other games.
    S3XY - over 8 years - UnDeadSoulja BF2-start of BF4 - Clan shutdown after 15 years. Leader and several others wanted to focus on family life .

My name is Patrick, and I am currently a member of =U= Rock. Found out sadly from THIS clan that we are being shutdown. I never checked their forum much. I am a cybersecurity engineer and information systems security manager. I'm 28, married, no kids, have a dog and two cats, and I'm from Ohio. Currently studying for my CISSP, but I use BF4 as a break from the studying and as a release from the world so to speak. I also play Rocket League.


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thanks for the app. join us in teamspeak if you havent already. address is atrgamers.com no port or pass. and get to know the guys. right now most of use are playing bf1 but still play bf4. we still have 6 servers for bf4. and we will go from there.


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