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New Application from EternallyVexed

  • No I normally play in your servers and enjoy the players that are representing the ATR name. Everyone seems to be mature and relaxed not ragging on people who are not as good as them and that is what I'm looking for. Barbara Yes Central EternallyVexed Blade & Soul. I started in Tribes, Then went to Call of Duty, COD UO, WOW, COD2 up to COD Black Ops. Guild War and Guild Wars 2 still in the guild RX there but I don't really play anymore, Fall Out series, Boarderlands series, Blade and Soul in the RX guild there but its pretty much died out. Call of Duty clans - BHC, HO, TWC, ER, Divine Talent. WOW guild - I dont remember the name that was back in 2005, Guild wars guild - RX. I didn't leave any of the guilds/clans I was in most of them the games died out or I moved on dealing with life and now I'm back to gaming again.

Im a 30 yr old female that enjoys playing all types of games. I have played games since 1999. I just changed my game name tonight to EternallyVexed from T3hangel needed a little change.


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Tribes was a good place to start. Stick around in TeamSpeak make sure that we're not to crazy for you and you'll get an invitation in no time. 

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