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New Application from EliteFreakozoid

  • No Again, I play games casually. First and foremost I play to have fun. I'll never start fights or anything over dps or any other stupid stuff. I'll just play to have fun every week. Clay Stanford No EST Imcute Radan EliteFreakozoid EliteFreakozoid I play games primarily on console, I don't have the resources for a good enough PC to play most games. That being said I do play Overwatch, Halo, most games that aren't MOBAs or Call of Duty. Anything from an FPS to a puzzle game. It's been years since I was a part of anything, but I was a moderator of a decently popular Minecraft server for a while a few years back if that matters. I'm not still with them, I left because the owner got so caught up with the server being family-friendly that I couldn't make jokes. Even ones that were pretty tame, like references to youtube channels and stuff, would get me into trouble.

Been playing games all my life, got into WoW a little while back from watching my brother play. I play games un-competitively, so I think a massive cooperative thing like raiding would be very fun.


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