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New Application from Crispyshu

  • No I raided with ATR for a short bit and enjoyed the group. I decided to rejoin my previous guild to play with some real life friends. those friends have since stopped playing and while i like the people in the guild i have struggled with not pushing into Mythic raiding. David Crisp Yes EST Crispkiller Business time and The Unnamed (Tanaris)
    Surreality, ATR (Black Dragonflight) Still with Surreality, Looking to leave because they are not running mythic raids

I started playing WOW at the start of WotLK. I was in the top 2 guilds for the server in progression and enjoyed the hard fights. I enjoy raiding the most in wow and like the social and challenging aspect. I am 47 years old and all my kids are gone so this is my main source of entertainment at night.


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8 minutes ago, Kushems said:

Looks that way.emoji51.pngemoji380.png

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In case you don't know the Warcraft side, there are 3 servers that make up our 'server group' Skullcrusher, Black Dragonflight, and Guldan. So we are the ATR on Black Dragonflight, but Skullcrusher is better!

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16 minutes ago, Varibash said:

you transfer already? armory link goes nowhere.


He's on BDF, site only links to Skullcrusher, cause it's #1.

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