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New Application from BlackHawk562

  • No The environment in the servers fits me incredibly well. It's fun playing with new people and making sure everyone is having fun while playing the objective. I've had little contact with official members but when I have seen or played with them it has always been a blast. Jose Yes Pacific BlackHawk562 I haven't been a part of any clans or communities recently. I have just begun becoming more interactive with the gaming community. The last clan I was a part of was back when I was about 12 (currently 19) it was for the game Black Hawk Down on PC. Hence my gamertag.

I'm currently a student a college and have been playing a lot of Battlefield on my free time. I happened to join your server one day and stuck around. This server is very active around the times which I play and always seem to have fun playing with different people and enjoy working together with them.


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21 hours ago, HappyUnholy said:

Hello @BlackHawk562 Thank you for the application. What hours do you normally play? Please jump on our TeamSpeak and spend sometime getting to know us.



I tend to usually play after 7pm Pacific time on weekdays and yeah I just downloaded TS recently :)

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Application approved. Stats clean, history clean, chat clean. Continue to hang out on TeamSpeak, good playing with you!

Sent a friend request, add me when you can and I'll send Platoon invite.

Welcome home @BlackHawk562

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