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New Application from ArcticPlatypus

  • No I like the ATR community on Teamspeak and enjoy playing on the ATR Battlefield 4 servers. This would be my first clan and it seems interesting to me. Reed Moshofsky Yes PST Hughes ArcticPlatypus ArcticPlatypus arcticplatypus ArcticPlatypus Insurgency, Red Orchestra 2, Killing Floor 2, Fallout 4, 7 Days to Die, Garry's Mod, Rainbow Six Siege None. No, because I was never in any.

I am a dude who like to play video games. I have been playing a lot of Battlefield 4 lately and am interested in joining a clan.


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thanks for the app. we will review and get back to you shortly.


i have seen you on teamspeak. so just continue to join and get to know everybody.

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I'm just checking in on the status of my application. There is no hurry or anything but it would be nice to see confirmation relatively soon on whether or not I have been accepted. I have thoroughly enjoyed playing with the ATR members and playing on the ATR servers and would like to formally be a part of the clan. The community is great.



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I believe we're on track to accept you. Just haven't had much interaction yet as I mostly see you in a separate channel with one other person. Add me on Battlelog and we'll get you a platoon invite. (HappyGotLucky)

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Thanks for the response. I have only been in the main Battlefield 4 channel a few times, yesterday being the first time meeting a large portion of the members. I will continue to join the main channel and play with the clan, since that was a lot of fun yesterday.

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