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  • No Well from what i have been seeing is that it is a good group of people. Trust me im not as creepy as that might sound as i watch what goes on. Riley No central US TwilightCreature Crypt1d Article_5 DarkfellHunter MrxHyde Rainbow 6, world of tanks/warships. Arma 2 hearthstone heroes of the storm payday 2 buncha em but not all equally as i would like I was part of a couple of steam groups as leadership and quite a few in mobile games. The ones i'm in now are friend run I use to be with all of them but i have been in enough games to tell if the leadership will crumble or not and my sense has yet to fail me its interesting quite really.

Well as below will say my name is Riley but feel free to call my what you like. I like to spend my time around computers or outside doing normal things. Weird combo right but anyway i have two "puppies" but really are just 12-14 year old fluffy dogs that i care for greatly. BUt yes i am sadly not 17 but im one number away as 16.


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Thanks for the app. jump into teamspeak and get to know the guys. we will evaluate your app from there.  most people  get on  around 8:00 pm est. but every now and then someone will be on early. 


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